Monday, June 16, 2008

My first blog entry

The camra I used to take this picture is a Samsung Digital 4010. I got it from my mom because I am going for a photagrafy badge.

This is my dog Amy. She is a fur-les chawawa.To you she might look ugly, but to me she is the cutest dog on earth.

(Mom's note: Jacob is using this blog to document his progress toward his spiral scout photography badge. None of his photos will be altered, unless he learns to do that himself. Additionally, I will not make any changes to his postings, including spelling. This is Jacob's blog.)


Beckie said...

Great pictures Jacob!

Danielle says we have a Chiwa-la too :) (spelled how she pronounces it)

Aimee said...

Awesome job on those photos, Jacob! I look forward to reading your blog!


Melissa May said...

Good Job Jacob!!! : ) I think it's cool you have a blog...

~Mikaela & Toby's mom